Key Staff

Suzanne Crawford, Chief Executive Officer, ext. 104

Katie Warning, Director of Programs, ext. 102

Brittany Parsons, Advocate Manager, ext. 131

Dan Greeley, Facilities/Operations Director, ext. 141

Kristen Obenchain, Director of Development, ext. 103

Kathy Thomas, Retail Store Director, ext. 184

Ann Huggins, Director of Volunteer Services, ext. 142

Trish Devlin, Human Resources Manager, ext. 116

Lisa Kovener, Office Manager, ext. 121

Our Board

Our Board of Directors follows the Carver Policy Governance and Aligned Influence organizational model. The board has four main responsibilities in advancing our mission: overseeing the CEO, setting organizational policy, serving as a link to our stakeholders, and assisting with fundraising. 100% of our Board of Directors contributes financially each year.

Kathy Rimar, Chair
Dave Ireland, Vice Chair
Dan Mackin, Secretary
Derek Brouwer
Larissa Caparachini
James Hall
Sarah Harrison

Jeff King
Jacqueline Molenaar
Russ Porter
Don Sprague
Joel Sayres