We provide assistance to the residents of East Boulder County who are in need, without discrimination.

For over 40 years as a non-religious agency, Sister Carmen Community Center has provided assistance to residents of East Boulder County who are in need, without discrimination. As a Family Resource Center, we have implemented expanded services and enhanced programming based on the FRC model to empower our participants to become self-reliant. This model is a holistic, coordinated approach that supports the entire family as they take steps towards self-reliance in key areas that affect their stability.

SCCC works to bring people together – I no longer feel alone.
-Tiffany, SCCC Participant

We are the only organization providing basic need services and resources to the most vulnerable residents in
East Boulder County. Through our family-centered programming we promote health and well-being and economic
stability by meeting face-to-face with the people we serve. We help those in need to improve the quality of their
lives through meeting basic needs, preventing homelessness, support with obtaining employment, parenting support, and meaningful family and child-centered activities. Our community-based programming helps to strengthen and enrich the lives of the families we serve, in turn making our community a desirable place to live, work, and ultimately thrive.

A Family Resource Center

SCCC is proud to be an official Family Resource Center and a member of the Family Resource Center Association! We follow a service delivery model with a primary focus to strengthen families that emanates throughout our programming.
As a Family Resource Center, we:
  • Strengthen families and communities so they can foster optimal development of children, youth and adult family members.
  • Prevent family problems by strengthening parent-child relationships and supporting parents to be good nurturers and providers.
  • Encourage public and private agencies to work in partnership with families to become more preventative, responsive, flexible, family focused, strengths-based, holistic and effective.
  • Act as a movement for social change that urges policymakers, service providers, parents, and employers to take responsibility for improving the lives of children and families and ensuring they get what they need to succeed.

This strength-based programming model offers families the opportunity to enhance their well-being though evidence based education, direct support, and family-centered services.

Increase parental resilience


Build social connections

Receive concrete support
in times of need

Gain knowledge of parenting
& child development

Foster social and emotional
confidence of children