Participant Stories

Living on the Edge in Lafayette, CO

My name is Cynthia. I had lived a good life. I was married with four beautiful children. I worked full time, had a house, a van, and was living what many people perceived as the American dream. In 2008 all of that changed—my marriage was breaking up and I had two very ill children that […]

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Living on the Edge in Louisville, CO

“Your neighbor may struggling and you don’t even know it. I want people to know it is okay to ask for help.” –Tanya Tanya and her three children have been living on the edge since her divorce.  She has been very resourceful in adjusting her lifestyle to survive off of one income—she found a house […]

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“Believe in yourself and keep moving forward. The road blocks will move.” Krystal’s life back in Virginia was stable and comfortable with a well-paying job, large house, nice car and everything she and her son needed. However, her life took a sudden turn when she lost her job and could no longer sustain her family. […]

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