Thrift Store Holiday Shopping Ideas

It’s unfortunate that many of us associate the holidays with spending exorbitant amounts on new gifts, décor and just a ton of STUFF leading to a more stressful season than we enjoyed as kids. But with a little creativity—and by shopping at the thrift store—you can have all the things for your dream holiday season without going broke before the new year! Here are some ideas to get you started…

Name Brand Clothes:
Sister Carmen Thrift Store only puts clothing out on the floor if it is in good, clean condition. We often receive high-end quality items including name brand clothing and handbags, winter coats and jackets, cashmere and wool sweaters, NFL and other sportswear, quality office attire including suit jackets, and special occasion dresses—sometimes even bridal dresses! Beautiful scarves are available for only $1. All of these items can set you back hundreds of dollars at a retail store, but they’re a steal at the thrift store! Found a super good deal, but not your size? Buy it for a friend!

Children’s Gifts and Clothes:
We’ve probably all heard the phrase “you’ll just grow out of it in a month!” Now you can get your child that super cute NFL jersey and it won’t matter that they’ll grow out of it for $5! And we know kids won’t play with all of the toys they put on their Christmas list, so sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it, but if you buy inexpensive items at the thrift store then you can go ahead and fill the space under the tree without feeling guilty. Or maybe that will save you enough for an extra special gift down the road—like college. Speaking of which…

We have plenty of children’s and adult books! This is definitely the number 1 quarantine gift this year to keep everyone busy indoors. We also carry a ton of cookbooks, a great holiday gift that gives us all something new to try this season. Buy a book for each family member based on their unique interests!

Vintage Jewelry:
Beautiful. Unique. Affordable. What else could you ask for in a gift? Sister Carmen often receives some VERY nice high end jewelry including gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. You never know what you might find! Plus, vintage costume jewelry is very IN right now. A gorgeous set of turquoise earrings—that you only spent a few dollars on—would make a great stocking stuffer!

Arts and Crafts:
We all have some extra time on our hands this year. Why not create something by hand to make your gift even more heartfelt? Sometimes just cleaning, painting, or reupholstering a piece will breath fresh life into it. Check out our home décor and furniture and see if you can find the potential to turn something into a treasure!

Speaking of homemade… what’s better than the gift of tasty treats like peanut brittle, toffee, fudge, or cookies?! You don’t need to be Martha Stewart or spend what she does on baking supplies to make some delicious homemade treats. If you don’t have the equipment you need, but want to try your hand at something new, you can buy inexpensive baking and cookware at the thrift store. We even have decorative serving platter and holiday themed tins for gift giving. Looking a little spotty? Try some Bartender’s Friend and make a set of pots and pans shine like new! Pair with one of the cooking or baking books for a perfect combo-gift.

Holiday Decorations:
Household décor can be expensive—especially if you’re changing it out every season. Buy a clear vase and fill it with small colored ornaments for a centerpiece. We have candles galore. There are even trees, wreaths, and outdoor holiday items like lawn ornaments and lights, which can be so expensive if you buy them new! Pre-owned Christmas décor almost never looks “used” since people only put it on display once a year anyway.

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