Matching gifts are an easy way to support Sister Carmen


If you volunteer or donate to Sister Carmen Community Center, your time and dollars may be able to go even further by connecting Sister Carmen to your workplace! Many companies are interested in giving back to their communities, especially where their employees live, work, and volunteer. If your employer has a Give Back program of any kind (or you think they should start one!), likely you can find out more by speaking to your Human Resources department. Contact for more information on our end.

Some examples of Workplace Giving programs include:

  • Grant Opportunity: some companies only offer grants to nonprofits if one of their employees donates or volunteers there. Help get us connected!
  • Volunteer Match: the company donates money for every hour employees spend volunteering. So come volunteer yourself or bring the whole team!
  • Corporate Match: the company will match dollar for dollar what employees donate to an organization themselves. You give twice as much!
  • Food Drive: organize a food drive with your coworkers!
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