About Us

Sister Carmen Community Center provides assistance to residents of East Boulder County who are in need, without discrimination.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization with no religious affiliation. As a Family Resource Center, we are East Boulder County’s only comprehensive source of individual and family services. We have been serving our community for over 30 years. We utilize a strengths-based approach in working with participants, recognizing that everyone has a collection of strengths upon which to build. Many programs will refer to helping their participants reach Self Sufficiency. While we use that term, we also recognize that no individual or family is an island. People need people. We want to provide families the resources that can support their efforts towards achieving economic stability and building natural community supports. Strengthening families and community…that is what we are about.

Watch the Inside Sister Carmen Community Center special edition video hosted by Erika Lewis Mansfield.

Media Features

2013, 9 News:
SCCC participant, Shannon Bentley, was interviewed by TaRhonda Thomas of 9 News and was featured on the news on Sunday 3/24. Take me to the story.

2012, Dateline NBC:
Our staff and participants were featured on America Now: Lost in Suburbia. For anyone who missed it, the show is on the Dateline NBC website. If you only have a few minutes to spare you can watch a short segment from the show.

2011, Daily Camera:

Organizational Goals:

SCCC aims to: 1) ensure that the residents in our community have access to nutritious food, a healthy lifestyle and mental health support; 2) prevent homelessness and improve access to stable housing in our community 3) support participants in advocating for themselves and their families to attain economic stability and enhance their connection to the community 4) ensure that children in East Boulder County have access to comprehensive health care services, proper nutrition, and a safe and supportive home environment.

Core Values

We promise to:

  1. Make Sister Carmen Community Center a hate free zone.
  2. Serve without discrimination.
  3. Act and speak with honesty, accuracy, and truthfulness.
  4. Strive to understand and respect during all aspects of communication.
  5. Create a climate of caring and mutual understanding
  6. Respect privacy and confidentiality.
  7. Accept responsibility for consequences for our own communication and actions—even if the impact was unintentional.

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Annual Reports

Did you know SCCC completed a 2.5 million dollar capital campaign in 2012 for the expansion of our organization? Read our Final Report to the Community to learn about this project and it’s completion.

Financial Information

We list our Statement of Financial Position and our Statement of Activities in our Annual Reports. You may also view our most recent 990 FY 14-15 and Audited Financial Statements 14 – 15